Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sorry Sorry Sorry

I am so sorry!
Most of this month has been so insane, Started at a new place, left my old job, got my business into the new job, christmas, Christmas Shopping, And I Kept Getting Sick. I am going to announce the winner Jan 2. So Sorry guys!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Smashbox Wish Holiday 2010

This is going to be a little bit more on the expensive side, but it is worth it. It is the Smashbox Wish Holiday 2010-- Palette (Wish for the perfect palette) However I do love them all. OH MY! I saw these and I have to have one of each. I bought the one last year and I use it all the time, but this one.. It has colors mine doesn't so of course the most logical answer is IT NEEDS TO BE MINE!!
They are at Ulta. 
Now they are all Great but this one. This is the one you want. I love mine so much you get: 
Eye Shadows
Eye Liner
Eyebrow powder/ Brow Wax
Lip gloss
and 4 mini brushes. 

I am in love with the brow powder, one of the colors I ended up using it all and then had to go out and actually get that color. The liners are awesome as well, they go on so smoothly, and the colors are just amazing.
Actually Not even going to lie I am in love with everything that smashbox makes I have had amazing luck with all of their products. If there is anyone you know who loves them as much as I do, This is the perfect present.

Also their wish kit with all the glosses is amazing.. I might have some shopping to do this weekend after work....

Stay Glam And Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a Few Ideas.

So Today I decided I would look into my Boxes of products and make some "samples" of a gift basket for the holidays. This is just stuff I had sitting around So in NO way shape or form am I saying this is the stuff you have to use. One Great thing about my career is I always have Tons extra hair product and makeup lying around. You never know when or what you are going to need.
Also I typically don't use a vase, but it turns out I am fresh out of super cute boxes, SO tomorrow after I am done with my client in the morning I am off to buy some boxes.
 Alright in this sample I have put. 
Two NYX Lipliner Pencils
NYX Lipstick
BadGal Lash
Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara
3 Makeup Brushes
2 E.L.F Glosses 
Blow Hairspray
T3 Liquid Iron Booster
Too Faced Eye Primer
E.L.F Shadow Duo
 Close up of:
Blow Hairspray
BadGal Lash
Too Faced
E.L.F Shadows and gloss

 Just Another View

In this second one- Jonathan Product Weightless Shampoo
Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Serum
Alterna Caviar Leave in Spray
Urban Decay Lipstick
NP Set lipstick
Revlon lipstick
2 Makeup Brushes

If it happens to be someone you aren't super close with a cute little box with some inexpensive glosses and a lipstick or a liner is the perfect gift. can't go wrong with soft neutral colors, and one bold that isn't over the top crazy but just a good punch of color. 

That's it for now, Can't believe how time is flying by the Holidays are coming!!!!!!!!
Stay Glam

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hardcandy...It's Back!! At Walmart!!

I used to be in love with Hard Candy. Everything in the line they had I loved, It seemed like one day it was just gone.. I was pretty sad, but thanks to another blogger, who is great (My Best Beauty Buys) Yes it is a link you may click on it. I found out Hard Candy is now at Walmart! Brilliant!! So here is a quick list of their my local Walmart but they are probably all about the same... Just checked the website they are the same. Whew!!

Hard Candy

Nail Polishes $5

Primer $8
Tinted Moisturizer $8
Blush $7
Bronzer $9
Powder $8
Concealer $8

Liquid Liner $6
Mascara $6
Eyeshadow $6
Liner $5
Loose pigment $6
Shadow Duo $6
5 Shadow $7
Glitter Pencils $6

Lipstick $6
Gloss $6
Plumpers $6

Body Powder $8

Sets & Palettes-

I have tried the Bronzer and Blush, Love them, that's all I will say. I'll Do a Review on the other blog!

Stay Glam!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Travel Sizes are Brilliant

Holiday Tip! I love travel sizes of things Especially When it comes to things like hair products and when you can find them in makeup too even better! For the Holidays a lot of makeup is Travel Size it is Amazing!! Not only is it a great way to try new things, You can mix and match. They are great to give as a stocking stuffer. I love them if I am making a friend a gift set. I will get tons of the travel sizes in things and do maybe one or two of full sized items, that I already know they love and use all the time. Now A list of my Favorite Travel Sized Products! Well The ones that actually come to mind as I am typing.. I hate when I get a brain block!!

Redken- Ranging from $3-$8
Jonathan Product- $8-$16
Pureology $9-$16

That's it for now! Stay Glam!!

Target: Affordable Beauty- Boots

This is the final one, for this! Can you believe it? I can't. I have been looking into all of these seems like all week, maybe a little longer. Typing them compared to the rest of the work takes No Time at all! The next one coming up is going to be great! I can't wait to share it with you!! This is going to be about Boots No7 Line. I bought their Mineral Foundation and if you have read my other blog I did a post on it, I can not stand mineral makeup and theirs its strange I really really like it. So decided to fill you in on their prices, I am addicted to their skincare line. I freak when I find out it's empty and I haven't got a backup, so here we go!

Boots No7

Foundations $11.99-$15.99
Concealer $9.99-$12.99
Primer $9.99
Blush $8.99-$9.99
Bronzer $11.99
Lipsticks $7.99-$9.99
Lipglosses $7.99-$9.99
Mascara $7.99
 Eyeliner $8.99-$12.99
Eyeshadows $7.99

So that's it, well for this little "series" On to the next one!

Stay Glam!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Target: Affordable Makeup- Sonia Kashuk

Okay, So after This only one more To go then on to other fun stuff. Did you know? Sonia Kashuk was the First Makeup Artist Brand in Mass Sector? She was the first to blur the channel conflict between Mass and prestige, in 1998 when she did this it was in industry first!! yayy!!

Sonia Kushuk
      Foundation $10.49-$14.99
      Concealer $6.99-$9.99
      Bronzer $8.99-$9.99
      Blush $8.99-$9.99
      Sets & Palettes $9.99-$19.99

      Mascara $6.99
      Shadow $6.99-$16.99
      Liner $5.99-$8.99
      Brow Gel $5.99
      Lashes $4.99
      Brows $9.99

      Lipstick $8.99
      Lip Crayons $7.99
      Lip Balm $7.99
      Lip Glosses $8.99
      Lip Liners $5.99
      Sets & Palettes $11.99-$19.99

Sets & Palettes-


All of this is getting me so excited for the Holidays, Who knew this would put me in the mood, I was getting a little anti holidays this fixed it!
Stay glam until the next one!

Target: Affordable Makeup- Pixi

We are closing in on the end of this particular "series" Target: Affordable makeup, after this one there are only two more. Now I know Target has more makeup lines this but these are all an exclusive to target, all by makeup artists well except for one, but that is another day! They are all  Special!
Alright Down to Business, Today is going to be about Pixi, the makeup line by Petra Strand. All of these products come in packaging that is perfect for being on the go!
Are you ready? I am!


     Primer $28
     Foundation $26-$30
     Concealer $15-$26
     Blush $21-$22
     Bronzer $21-$22
     Sets & Palettes $13-$34

      Liner $14-$18
      Shadow $14
      Mascara $17
      Sealer $20
      Sets & Palettes $9.99-$34

      Glosses $12-$18
      Lipsticks $12-$18
      Sets & Palettes $28

      Brush Sets $20-$30

That is the end of this one! I'm telling you every time I finish one of these
my list of things I want to get now is horribly long, its at the
I am embarrassed this is getting so out of control point. 
Stay Glam!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Target: Affordable Makeup- JK Jemma Kidd

This is going to be a Break Down of the Jemma Kidd Line for Target, Its JK Jemma Kidd. The Colors are awesome and so much fun to look at, I could have stood in front of the display for hours if that wasn't sketchy. Unfortunately it is...
So without any more stalling here is the line breakdown. 

JK Jemma Kidd

      Foundation $26
      Primer $24
      Concealer $15-$18
      Bronzer $23
      Blush $16-$21
      Brow Pencils $16 
      Sets & Palettes $26-$35

      Eyeliner $14-$16
      Mascara $15
      Shadows $16-$18
      Sets & Palettes $9.99-$32

       Lipstick $16
       Glosses $16-$20
       Sets & Palettes $9.99-$19


Alright that is all for this one. Hope These are helping to give people Ideas I have already got a list going of things I need to buy. As I am finding all this stuff for the blog I keep saying to myself. Oh and I need this oh and that. The list I have just keeps getting longer and longer! 
Stay Glam

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Contest Rules!

Just wanted to Actually Announce the give away. There are at the moment 3 Rules.
1. You must Follow this blog
2.Must be a human, living somewhere on earth
3. Must leave a comment below. 
Not a Rule but an Ending Date- December 19,2010

The Prize Will be!! 
Random Selections from Everything I am writing about on this blog. SO if it is on here YOU might be getting it.

I don't know exactly how I will choose just yet, I have somethings already, But I want it to be a surprise for the winner! (So unfortunately  no pics about what I have bought, sorry guys)

Stay Glam! Good Luck

Target: Affordable Makeup- E.L.F

Just wanted to continue with the good brands that are at Target. This is going to be about E.L.F they have so many great things Right Now, This one is going to be a little different from the NP Set one in the sense that I am going to add some of the Sets, in here as well.

       Glosses $1-$5
       Plumpers $1-$5
       Shadows $3-$15
       Eyeliner $3

Kits & Palettes-
          Ranging from $3-$30



5 Piece Superglossy Lipgloss Set $5
Comes in Bare,Pink,Plum

5 Piece Hypershine Lipgloss Set $5

Nail Polish Trio $3
All Sparkly Red,Gold,White

Superglossy Lip set $3
(Different that one listed above)

$3 Beauty Buys Collection

Superglossy Lip Shine Trio $3
(yet again different from the first 2)

Hollywood Eyelash Kit $3

Duo Shadow Kit $5

Smokey Eye Kit $5

Eye Get the Look Kit $7
Comes in Purple, Brown, Basic Brown
Black, Plum, Bombshell Brown,
Neutral, Sultry N Smokey, Dramatic

Eye Beauty Book $5
Comes in Sparkle,Neutral Eyes, Bright Eyes
Smokey Eye, Everyday

Lip Palette Beauty Book $5

Beauty Lip Book $5

Quad Eyeshadow Collections $5
Comes in Bright, Basic

Eye Combo Kit $3

Day to Night Eye Kit $5

Glitz N Glam Face Makeup Kit $5

Brush Collection $10

They have quite a few more of these. I did as many as I could to give you an Idea of what they had. Some of it is online only, Some is store only, Some is both store and online. I am looking forward to going to Target and check this all out this is perfect for stockings and just added to other things to make the perfect beauty filled Holiday!
Stay Glam!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sephora Holiday Sets!

I almost passed out from joy when I went onto Today!
 They have some amazing Holiday Gifts! I am going to have to buy as much of this as I can and hid it away so I don't start using it before I have to give it as gifts. Now I could sit here and write about all of them but it would put us all to sleep so here are the ones that really stood out to me.  

Sephora by OPI 
18 Piece Mini Nail Colour Set $48
When you break that down $2.60 a polish. 
You can break that up between quite a few friends. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot $39
You get 9 Travel Size and 1 Full Sized liner
That's $3.90 per liner
The Full Size in Zero
Trial Sizes In Stash, Mildew, Electric, Binge, Ransom
Rockstar,Gunmetal, and Whiskey

Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler $50
You get 12 Fragrances to sample then a Voucher for a Free Fragrance from those 12.
Just breaking down the $50 with the 12 Samples that's $4.16 a fragrance. 
Adding in the Free one you get when you fill in voucher is highway robbery. 

Sephora Mascara Deluxe Sampler $40
You get 10 of Sephora's Most sought after Mascaras One of them is full size and a Purple eyelash curler from tarte. 
Breaking that down. $4 a piece and a free lash curler 
Take $15 out for the lash curler (That's what is costs alone) then its $2.50 per mascara.

What you can do is splurge on maybe one or two of these then some inexpensive things I will be adding later and you are on your way to the perfect Holiday Gifts!

Target: Afforadable Makeup- NP Set

I have been looking around for affordable makeup This is a breakdown of one of the companies Target Sells. It is NP Set. It is the less expensive version from Napoleon Perdis.
So I have Broken the line down, letting you know how much stuff costs. Putting a piece or two into a gift, is a great idea.

NP Set

         Foundation $14-$30
         Blush $15-$18
         Concealer $22
         Primer $26-$29
         Sets & Palettes $17-$32 

         Primer $15
         Concealer $25
         Duo Pens $13
         Loose Shadows $21
         Liners $15
         Mascara $15
         Sets & Palettes $9.99-$32

         Lipsticks $15
         Lip Plumpers $15
         Lip Glosses $15
         Lip Liners $15
         Sets & Palettes $17-$32

         Brush Set $20 
                comes with Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Concealer Brush.

Just a side note the Sets & Palettes that closer to $30 actually come with a lot in them. From what I saw lots of Shadows, Blush, Gloss, lipstick, and applicators.
Hopefully This is useful for you! 
Stay Glam!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Useful things to do with holiday giftsets

Did you know all those Holiday gifts sets out right are the most amazing thing. Not only are the a good deal your getting a lot of product at a great price, but break them up and you have multiple gifts, friends and family will get tons of new things to try.
My Favorite sets out currently are:

Tarte- Crown Jewels lipgloss multi gift set. $39
Comes with 3 sets of 5 Glosses.
When you break that down its only $2.60 per Gloss.
If you give them away in the sets of 5 that is only $13 per set.

E.L.F @ target.
(I might do a whole separate post on this they have amazing things!!)

5 Piece Superglossy lipgloss set $5
Each Gloss is $1 Can't go wrong
The 3 Sets I saw were in Pink,Plum, and Bare.

Nail Polish Trio $3
Each polish is $1 again can't beat that.
The colors are all sparkly!!
Red,Gold,and one I believe to be a white.

Shadow Palette 100 Shades $10
Now while you can't break up a Palette very easy, put that in with some other beauty products and your giving a wicked awesome present.

I will Keep doing updated posts, on gift sets as I see them, and I will buy a few and try them out. let you know!

The First Holiday Post

So I decided to fill this with fun holiday gifts and ideas, I am going to keep them as affordable as possible. They are all going to be about beauty related presents. 
I have been searching around for inexpensive yet great products and have some to report back on. Also looking at the "more expensive" brands and finding one or two things that are worth the money. Finding affordable products in the more expensive lines. Making your own gift sets for presents (I end up doing so many of these for friends) But it really is a great idea.
I want to do all of the posts as various "series". I think it will be an easy way to break everything down and make the most sense.
Another thing I was thinking about, was doing a holiday give away. A bunch of products probably as a gift set type thing, The only thing that will keep me from doing it is not having followers to give this great stuff to.
Alright that is it for now just wanted to fill you in on a rough idea of what I am thinking!

Have a Glam Day!!