Sunday, November 14, 2010

Travel Sizes are Brilliant

Holiday Tip! I love travel sizes of things Especially When it comes to things like hair products and when you can find them in makeup too even better! For the Holidays a lot of makeup is Travel Size it is Amazing!! Not only is it a great way to try new things, You can mix and match. They are great to give as a stocking stuffer. I love them if I am making a friend a gift set. I will get tons of the travel sizes in things and do maybe one or two of full sized items, that I already know they love and use all the time. Now A list of my Favorite Travel Sized Products! Well The ones that actually come to mind as I am typing.. I hate when I get a brain block!!

Redken- Ranging from $3-$8
Jonathan Product- $8-$16
Pureology $9-$16

That's it for now! Stay Glam!!

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