Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a Few Ideas.

So Today I decided I would look into my Boxes of products and make some "samples" of a gift basket for the holidays. This is just stuff I had sitting around So in NO way shape or form am I saying this is the stuff you have to use. One Great thing about my career is I always have Tons extra hair product and makeup lying around. You never know when or what you are going to need.
Also I typically don't use a vase, but it turns out I am fresh out of super cute boxes, SO tomorrow after I am done with my client in the morning I am off to buy some boxes.
 Alright in this sample I have put. 
Two NYX Lipliner Pencils
NYX Lipstick
BadGal Lash
Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara
3 Makeup Brushes
2 E.L.F Glosses 
Blow Hairspray
T3 Liquid Iron Booster
Too Faced Eye Primer
E.L.F Shadow Duo
 Close up of:
Blow Hairspray
BadGal Lash
Too Faced
E.L.F Shadows and gloss

 Just Another View

In this second one- Jonathan Product Weightless Shampoo
Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Serum
Alterna Caviar Leave in Spray
Urban Decay Lipstick
NP Set lipstick
Revlon lipstick
2 Makeup Brushes

If it happens to be someone you aren't super close with a cute little box with some inexpensive glosses and a lipstick or a liner is the perfect gift. can't go wrong with soft neutral colors, and one bold that isn't over the top crazy but just a good punch of color. 

That's it for now, Can't believe how time is flying by the Holidays are coming!!!!!!!!
Stay Glam


  1. Thats a great idea! I have a few friends that I would like to send gifts too and this perfect!

  2. I Love doing these for friends they are so easy and when you break kits up among 3 gifts you don't end up spending a lot of money. And your friends will be so happy you got them a wicked gift. :)