Saturday, November 13, 2010

Target: Affordable Makeup- Pixi

We are closing in on the end of this particular "series" Target: Affordable makeup, after this one there are only two more. Now I know Target has more makeup lines this but these are all an exclusive to target, all by makeup artists well except for one, but that is another day! They are all  Special!
Alright Down to Business, Today is going to be about Pixi, the makeup line by Petra Strand. All of these products come in packaging that is perfect for being on the go!
Are you ready? I am!


     Primer $28
     Foundation $26-$30
     Concealer $15-$26
     Blush $21-$22
     Bronzer $21-$22
     Sets & Palettes $13-$34

      Liner $14-$18
      Shadow $14
      Mascara $17
      Sealer $20
      Sets & Palettes $9.99-$34

      Glosses $12-$18
      Lipsticks $12-$18
      Sets & Palettes $28

      Brush Sets $20-$30

That is the end of this one! I'm telling you every time I finish one of these
my list of things I want to get now is horribly long, its at the
I am embarrassed this is getting so out of control point. 
Stay Glam!

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