Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Useful things to do with holiday giftsets

Did you know all those Holiday gifts sets out right are the most amazing thing. Not only are the a good deal your getting a lot of product at a great price, but break them up and you have multiple gifts, friends and family will get tons of new things to try.
My Favorite sets out currently are:

Tarte- Crown Jewels lipgloss multi gift set. $39
Comes with 3 sets of 5 Glosses.
When you break that down its only $2.60 per Gloss.
If you give them away in the sets of 5 that is only $13 per set.

E.L.F @ target.
(I might do a whole separate post on this they have amazing things!!)

5 Piece Superglossy lipgloss set $5
Each Gloss is $1 Can't go wrong
The 3 Sets I saw were in Pink,Plum, and Bare.

Nail Polish Trio $3
Each polish is $1 again can't beat that.
The colors are all sparkly!!
Red,Gold,and one I believe to be a white.

Shadow Palette 100 Shades $10
Now while you can't break up a Palette very easy, put that in with some other beauty products and your giving a wicked awesome present.

I will Keep doing updated posts, on gift sets as I see them, and I will buy a few and try them out. let you know!

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