Thursday, November 11, 2010

Target: Affordable Makeup- E.L.F

Just wanted to continue with the good brands that are at Target. This is going to be about E.L.F they have so many great things Right Now, This one is going to be a little different from the NP Set one in the sense that I am going to add some of the Sets, in here as well.

       Glosses $1-$5
       Plumpers $1-$5
       Shadows $3-$15
       Eyeliner $3

Kits & Palettes-
          Ranging from $3-$30



5 Piece Superglossy Lipgloss Set $5
Comes in Bare,Pink,Plum

5 Piece Hypershine Lipgloss Set $5

Nail Polish Trio $3
All Sparkly Red,Gold,White

Superglossy Lip set $3
(Different that one listed above)

$3 Beauty Buys Collection

Superglossy Lip Shine Trio $3
(yet again different from the first 2)

Hollywood Eyelash Kit $3

Duo Shadow Kit $5

Smokey Eye Kit $5

Eye Get the Look Kit $7
Comes in Purple, Brown, Basic Brown
Black, Plum, Bombshell Brown,
Neutral, Sultry N Smokey, Dramatic

Eye Beauty Book $5
Comes in Sparkle,Neutral Eyes, Bright Eyes
Smokey Eye, Everyday

Lip Palette Beauty Book $5

Beauty Lip Book $5

Quad Eyeshadow Collections $5
Comes in Bright, Basic

Eye Combo Kit $3

Day to Night Eye Kit $5

Glitz N Glam Face Makeup Kit $5

Brush Collection $10

They have quite a few more of these. I did as many as I could to give you an Idea of what they had. Some of it is online only, Some is store only, Some is both store and online. I am looking forward to going to Target and check this all out this is perfect for stockings and just added to other things to make the perfect beauty filled Holiday!
Stay Glam!

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