Saturday, November 13, 2010

Target: Affordable Makeup- Sonia Kashuk

Okay, So after This only one more To go then on to other fun stuff. Did you know? Sonia Kashuk was the First Makeup Artist Brand in Mass Sector? She was the first to blur the channel conflict between Mass and prestige, in 1998 when she did this it was in industry first!! yayy!!

Sonia Kushuk
      Foundation $10.49-$14.99
      Concealer $6.99-$9.99
      Bronzer $8.99-$9.99
      Blush $8.99-$9.99
      Sets & Palettes $9.99-$19.99

      Mascara $6.99
      Shadow $6.99-$16.99
      Liner $5.99-$8.99
      Brow Gel $5.99
      Lashes $4.99
      Brows $9.99

      Lipstick $8.99
      Lip Crayons $7.99
      Lip Balm $7.99
      Lip Glosses $8.99
      Lip Liners $5.99
      Sets & Palettes $11.99-$19.99

Sets & Palettes-


All of this is getting me so excited for the Holidays, Who knew this would put me in the mood, I was getting a little anti holidays this fixed it!
Stay glam until the next one!

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