Monday, November 15, 2010

Hardcandy...It's Back!! At Walmart!!

I used to be in love with Hard Candy. Everything in the line they had I loved, It seemed like one day it was just gone.. I was pretty sad, but thanks to another blogger, who is great (My Best Beauty Buys) Yes it is a link you may click on it. I found out Hard Candy is now at Walmart! Brilliant!! So here is a quick list of their my local Walmart but they are probably all about the same... Just checked the website they are the same. Whew!!

Hard Candy

Nail Polishes $5

Primer $8
Tinted Moisturizer $8
Blush $7
Bronzer $9
Powder $8
Concealer $8

Liquid Liner $6
Mascara $6
Eyeshadow $6
Liner $5
Loose pigment $6
Shadow Duo $6
5 Shadow $7
Glitter Pencils $6

Lipstick $6
Gloss $6
Plumpers $6

Body Powder $8

Sets & Palettes-

I have tried the Bronzer and Blush, Love them, that's all I will say. I'll Do a Review on the other blog!

Stay Glam!

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